If you've been challenged, show your support for women & children impacted by domestic violence, and commit to do your bit to stop violence against women.

By posting your challenge video on social media with the hashtag (#standuptodv) and donating here, you're helping SSFS provide support to women and children of the Sutherland Shire who are impacted by domestic violence.

How Does It Work?
It's not hard... well, its a bit hard, but it wouldn't be a challenge if it wasn't...
1. Do 10 burpees
2. Donate $10 to SSFS
3. Pass it on! Nominate / tag a friend to take the challenge next
#StandUpToDV #SSFS

Need a script or more instructions?

1. Video yourself or get someone (socially distanced, of course) to help.
2. Introduce the challenge. Say "Hi, my name is ..... and I am taking the Stand Up To Domestic Violence Challenge in support of Sutherland Shire Family Services. I’m doing 10 burpees, and I’ll be donating $10 to SSFS to show my support of a local service that helps families impacted by domestic violence. I encourage you to stand up against domestic violence and do the challenge with me. You can donate at www.ssfs.org.au/standuptodv. I nominate [friend name] to take up the challenge. "
3. Post on your Facebook or Instagram page, and tag us @SSFamilyService (and the person you're challenging!). Also add hashtags #StandUpToDV and #SSFS
4. Go to www.ssfs.org.au/standuptodv and make your donation. We'd love you to consider donating $10, but whatever you can give would be amazing!

That's it. You might not love the burpees, but you'll have done something amazing that will help lots of local families. Good job!

PS - You'll be in good company! Keep an eye out on our pages for us sharing how our community is getting involved.. Some familiar faces will soon be appearing...