Sign In/ Sign Out

You must sign the book when you drop your child off at Djanaba

What to Bring

  • A bag clealy labelled with your child's name.
  • A hat and a change of clothes clearly labelled. Covered footwear is required (ie no thongs)
  • Babies should have a supply of nappies and wipes in their bag. Dummies, wraps, comfort items and bottles should be clearly marked with your child's name.

Packing Food

Parents are asked to provide their child with appropriate food for the duration of their visit, including morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. We have a healthy food policy, so please sure you pack appropriate items (sandwhiches, fruit, cheese, salad etc). Djanaba has a NO NUT POLICY so please do not bring nut products into the centre.  All lunch boxes are stored in the refrigerator.


If you need to cancel your booking, please call our Centre prior to 4pm the day before. We often have children on a waitlist, and we appreciate that you give us sufficient time to make an offer to another family who may need the service.


Please do not send your child to Djanaba if you suspect that they are coming down with an infectious disease.

Authority to Collect

If you are unable to collect your child from the centre at the advised pick up time, it is very important to notify the Director, so that they are aware someone else will be collecting your child. Only people listed on the enrolment form under ‘Other Persons Authorised to Collect my Child” will be permitted to collect your child (unless the Direct has been otherwise notified).

Parent/ Staff Communication

Please feel free to discuss with staff any concerns you may have regarding your child. Please be assured that the discussion will remain confidential. Be aware that staff are trained early child educators and have chosen to work in this field. Talk with staff and establish a pattern of communication and exchange of information.

Please understand that staff may not always be able to stop and talk in detail about your child. If you wish to have a more detailed conversation, please request to book a consultation with the teacher.

If you have a concern in regards to the centre, please discuss your concern with Jann, our Director. If you are not satisfied with the response, please write to our CEO at [email protected]


Djanaba and Sutherland Shire Family Services is a Not for Profit organisation. The fees you pay are used for staff wages and meeting the day to day operational expenses of the centre. The centre appreciates your support in it’s fundraising efforts.


The centre appreciates your donations of any consumable items such as tissues, glue sticks, hand washing soap, paper and craft supplies.