Kim Byron is our Centre Manager at Engadine District Youth Services (EDYS), leading our dynamic and creative team of Youth Workers  to provide a youth-centred, safe space that encourages self-expression and self-exploration for young people to develop their skills and identity, and explore their creativity through the programs and workshops on offer.

Kim holds a Bachelor of Social Work, and a Diploma in Meditation Therapy and Holistic Counselling. She has worked for SSFS at EDYS for 2 years, and during that time has introduced many wonderful programs, supporting her staff to do the important work of helping support young people in our community. As well as looking after the EDYS and Love Bites staff, Kim is responsible for the EDYS space and activities, schools and community programs, services and events.

You can see the amazing work she is doing by visiting the EDYS page, where you'll read about many of the exciting programs being run by the EDYS team 

Engadine District Youth Service

Kim enjoys working with a creative and passionate team, and believes working at SSFS and EDYS enables her a "front row seat" to what is happening with young people, families and the community, and work to create services and programs to support needs that are identified.

What I love most about my job is working with a creative team that are passionate about supporting young people to grow, explore and discover who they are. EDYS provides a safe space for all young people to access and receive quality and engaging activities and support. My job is different every single day, and the interaction with the young people, organisations, and community members that I get to meet make the job interesting and rewarding.