Sutherland Shire Family Services is long established organisation with a strong reputation amongst government and non-government services for delivering high quality, trauma informed practices. By supporting our organisation, you are helping to deliver real value to the community.

Why We Exist

We exist because we believe that all children and families should have a safe home, strong connections, and opportunities to thrive in life.

We aim to support and strengthen the capacity of individuals and families within our community, particularly those who have been impacted by disadvantage, violence and trauma.

Our Mission

Partner with Families.

Facilitate Change

Promote Hope.

Our Values

  • Support
  • Collaboration
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Transparency

Our Team

SSFS employs qualified social workers, psychologists, family therapists, mothercraft nurses, educators and other skilled welfare workers to deliver our programs and services to clients. 

What we're good at

We're good at working with people. We operate from a strengths based position, and walk alongside our clients, supporting them as needed throughout their recovery and rebuilding journey. Our job is not to be pushy and "problem solve", but to give our clients the support, knowledge and space for them to navigate their own recovery.

Are we a fit? 

If your organisation is interested in partnering with a long standing, reputable, ethical, community focused and "people" organisation, then we may be a good match. 

Please contact our Partnerships Team