Respectfully Curious is a weekly support and social group for LGBTIQ+ young people and their allies to come together to talk, learn and be their authentic selves in a safe, inclusive and respectful space, without fear or judgement. It is co-facilitated by EDYS and Accredited Specialist LGBT + Counsellor Kelly Sweeny, held on Tuesdays during school terms from 3:15pm to 4:30pm. 

Held weekly on Tuesdays during schools terms, and facilitated by Accredited Specialist LGBTIQ+ Counsellor Kelly Sweeny, the group explores issues facing LGBTIQ+ young people, and helps them to learn boundaries and healthy self-talk, which when learnt at a younger age can reduce the risk of complex trauma, and promote significant lifelong mental health benefits.

Setting Healthy Boundaries

Healthy boundaries ensure healthy relationships and self-respect. We identify the many areas in our lives that boundaries need to be asserted and the group offers some tips and tricks to developing, applying and enforcing them. Personal boundaries are important for everyone, however the LGBTIQ+ community often faces additional challenges with invasive curiosity and personal safety. Developing strong self confidence in identifying and applying boundaries is key to strong mental health.

Harnessing Positive Self-Talk

Our internal dialogue is a very powerful influencer on our mental health and self-esteem. We are working on recognising our self-talk and encouraging it to be our number one supporter instead of a harsh critic. We are using mindful practises to pause and reflect on our automatic voice of doubt or criticism and promote a kind loving dialogue instead.