The Domestic Violence Toolbox Talks (DVTT) program is a primary prevention and early intervention program which predominantly runs in male dominated industries. Male dominated industries have been chosen as the focus for the program because men are our ‘partners in prevention’. Research indicates that men can influence one another with regards to issues such as violence against women and children and the values and beliefs that support such violence. Given this, the DVTT program aims to both inspire men to be positive role models and to also encourage men to safely speak up when they see or suspect violence to prevent and actively address this significant social issue.

The DVTT team can also deliver training to general audiences with a tailored gender neutral program focusing on the opportunity community members have to identify, respond to and prevent violence. Skilled facilitators can also be booked as guest speakers for events. 

DVTT is available nation-wide and has been described as “accessible”, “inspirational” and “very informative”.

Program Objectives

1. Harness the Power of Good Men

  • Motivate participants to be proactive in calling out abusive behaviour and speech as well as the attitudes and stereotypes that support it.

  • Encourage participants to see themselves as agents for change and capable of improving safety for women and children in Australia;

  • Offer referrals to support services

2. Prompt Leaders to recognise the problem

  • Encourage leadership groups to recognise the significant role workplaces have in the development of a work and community environment that values equality and diversity;

  • Provide leaders in a range of setting with the opportunity to meaningfully engage in primary prevention efforts.

3. Support a change in how domestic violence is talked about and responded to

  • Empower participants with practical solutions to respond appropriately to domestic and family violence and the cultural conditions that underpin it.

4. Increase Community Awareness

  • Explore the typologies of domestic violence

  • Highlight the impacts of domestic violence on women and children

Training Format

Site Sessions

The Domestic Violence Toolbox Talks Site Sessions  can be delivered to a range of audiences in various settings. The content is evidenced based and explores drivers for violence against women and children as well as each individual’s potential to assist in the prevention of future violence and support victims of violence now.  



Management Sessions

Management Sessions is suitable for people in all leadership or supervisory positons as well as anyone else interested in a more comprehensive understanding of the role workplaces play in the prevention violence and shifting culture.

 To learn more about the program please contact the Domestic Violence Toolbox Talks team at [email protected]


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